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Student Voice "Activated" in the Parking Lot!

Well, no, not your faculty parking lot. Your ACADEMIC parking lot. Check out this brief guest post from Megan Scherber outlining a very practical and age-old strategy that opens up voice invitations for students to feel more comfortable about

The classroom parking lot is a great way to promote student voice in the classroom. As a fourth grade teacher, I use this chart on a daily basis to adjust my teaching and instructional decisions throughout the school year based on student feedback. Students provide feedback by placing a sticky note under any of the four questions listed below:

-What is Ms. Scherber doing well?

-How can Ms. Scherber improve?

-What questions do you have?

-What ideas do you have to share with Ms. Scherber?

Students love the opportunity to share their ideas and have their voice heard! This is a simple way to ensure that students know their voice is important and respected in the classroom.

The classroom "parking lot" was developed using the content from Jim Shipley’s text, Continuous Classroom Improvement- First Steps in Using A Systems Approach to Improve Learning Results, 3rd Edition.

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