How Student Voice

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Let Them Speak!

From pre-school students to teenagers . . . from urban centers to suburban turfs . . . student voice is often forgotten, but it always matters.  In fact, it matters MOST.  Each image below highlights an area where student voice contributed to and transformed a school or classroom culture and program in some powerful way.  Collecting student voice and infusing the hearts, minds, and thoughts of our generation of youths will change the way that schools do business.


Join the Let Them Speak! Project in order to lead student voice reform in schools across the globe.

Hover over each picture below to see what our students contributed to their schools by simply asking questions or speaking up!

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5 Culture Building Strategies 

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Check out this podcast from Principal Center Radio with Justin Baeder.

Levels of Student Voice Participation Free Printable PDF! 

Rick Jetter

Check out this podcast from MYED Expert about student voice and the Let Them Speak! project.

Add your stories to our list of student voice victories by e-mailing Rebecca Coda & Rick Jetter at or  

The Project

The Let Them Speak! Project is simple.  By committing to student voice, gather as many student voices about everything that you do in your classroom and school.  No topic should be ignored and no stone should be left unturned.  Once you gather insights, questions, comments, or feelings from your students, capture their powerful words by putting their narratives in writing.  Students can own their own contributions to your school by writing narratives themselves.  The more that we share within our own schools, the more we can share our victories for other schools across the globe.  Capturing student voice and narrativizing it for others is what will carry out deep change in our schools for today and tomorrow.  Feel free to share your student voice findings with the Let Them Speak! network of thousands and thousands of educators and parents who value children and what they have to say about their schools.  


Sterling Podcasts

Isaiah Sterling, an innovative student voice ambassador from Cape Girard, Missouri and ambassador for the Let Them Speak! Project, is the host of the Let Them Speak! Podcast on the Anchor Podcast Network.  Check out his episodes by clicking on the icons below.  GREAT things happen when we listen to our students!  


Click on the icon above to read a compelling and powerful article about of how students can sometimes be marginalized into trenches and what they can do!

Take a look at Isaiah's powerful message for student leadership in this video.

NEW for 2018-2019!

Episode 9: The New

Voice Captains 

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Episode 8: When Reports are Made--What Leaders Can Do 

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Archives from 2017-2018

Episode 1: Intro 

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Episode 3: Into the Trench 

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Episode 5: Speech

Language Pathology 

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Episode 2: Student Leadership 

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Episode 4: Math Meets Student Voice 

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Episode 6: Social Studies

Meets Student Voice 

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